Health , safety & environment

KCI believes that the competitiveness of both today and tomorrow's markets demands the bringing together of good business management, innovation and safety & environmental protection.

Therefore KCI is committed to the continual growth of these activities and considers them a tool of progress for the company and the community. The conviction and dedication of the employees are fundamental to achieving these targets:

  • The integration of health, safety and environmental policy in management decisions
  • The guarantee that Research & Development and Industrial activities achieve the targets of continuous improvement:
    • by creating safer and innovative products, with low environmental impact for our workers, customers and the community
    • by increasing knowledge of current chemical processes and introducing safer and innovative ways of chemical production
  • The construction and management of plants in such a way as to optimize the use of natural resources, energy and to reduce wastes
  • The promotion of the Company Policy in order to motivate all employees to minimize accidents, injuries and work-related illness
  • The development of ways to measure improvements and periodical checks to evaluate performances and conformity to policy
  • The guaranty of information and Technical-Practical training of employees in order to operate according to procedures and laws
  • The ensuring of the exchange of free information with Government Authorities and Trade Unions.